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"Great food. It's a really authentic Mexican restaurant. They have items that you won't just find in any taqueria...for example the "huitlacoche" is delicious and usually you have to cross the border to find this.

The staff/family that runs it is extremely friendly. Prices are definitely fair. Check it out."

Posted by: Dissenting One on Yahoo! Local

"The Best Mexico City Style food - This place is heavy into gourmet sauces for the dishes. The prices are very reasonable. They even give tastes of the dishes to help you decide. We come back there again and again.

Posted by: John Davidson on

"This is real mexican food. You think you've tried every type of mexican food already, but this is something different. Absolutely delicious and well priced and the waiters are friendly."

Posted by: sandiegoguy72 on

"Feels like the food here is lovingly cooked.  A family run operation that knows what is means to provide good service.  The wait staff typically have a good sense of humor, and remember your face after you've been there a few times.

We often have out of town guests, and this is one of the only local establishments we like to bring them to.  They offer samples for those that have never eaten there before.

I've liked everything I've tried.  Now, keep in mind, this is a different type of Mexican don't come here and order a damned quesadilla or California burrito.  For that  type of Mexican fast food, go down the street for Saritas.  For a nice relaxing dinner with lots of flavor and love, go here."

Posted by: Tara A. on

"...Why would anyone travel to Mexico for great Mexican food when you have places like Ranas in San Diego?

Our waiter liked to flirt (appropriately) with the girls and tease some of the guys--all things which gave us an overall good time. He asked if we were first timers at Ranas and came back with some shot sized samplers of their food and pulque, an agave mexican drink. Although we had some trouble remembering what sampler was what dish and pronouncing some of them as well, he seemed happy to remind and help us newbies out.

I had appropriately sized carne asada sopes, a huitlacoche (mexican truffle. its a fungus, like mushrooms.) quesadilla, and a smoothie textured mango pulque . I'm limited in determining what is good Mexican taste, but I can say the food brought me into another country."

Posted by: Steve L. on

"In a city where Mexican restaurants and taco shops populate nearly every other street corner, Rana's is a refreshing change to the usual Mexican fare. From the outside, it doesn't look special, with it's unremarkable strip mall location. Inside it's casual, but the food is nothing short of spectacular.

We told the waiter we were first-timers, and he gave us samples of the sauces and pulque. Yes, pulque. Where else can you order that?

Don't get me wrong, I love my carne asada fries and bean and cheese burritos. But the chilango-style menu had a unique and tasty variety for nearly any palette. It's kinda hard to describe the food. You just have to try it for yourself. Unless you're a picky eater, you won't be disappointed."

Posted by: Angelique F. on

"Well I had this place almost a week ago and have waited to sort out my feeling about this place. I have actually been craving the food that I had there which is a very good sign. I ordered the huarache with shredded beef and the flavors work together perfectly between the beef, beans, shredded lettuce, grated cotija cheese and Mexican cream, yumm! All for $5.95...yummier! I can see how one may be confused between giving this place a 4 or a 5. What pushes my review over to a 5 is the uniqueness of the menu. Where else can one get their fix of a red sauce dipped torta that is crispy? How about nowhere. If you like Mexican food you have to try this place and order something you've never heard of before.

Posted by: Bob P. on

"My husband is a personal chef. He knows food, and I've developed a pretty demanding palate too. This place has a crazy bright interior, but also wonderful staff, and amazing food.

We usually try to get a table outside for a more relaxing atmosphere. They bring out samples to try for help in making a decision....and that is always helpful.

Great family owned joint that is just plain good food. Not fast food mexican style, real slow cooked homeade stuff here.

Posted by: TaraBalir on

"This little unasuming restaurant, located in a strip plaza in Spring Valley, is probably serving up the finest Mexican cuisine in San Diego County. The owner, Oscar, comes from Mexico City with generations old recipes and real culinary talent. The food is not your usual Taco Shop or Chevy's affair. You will experience sauces like never before and the meats are choice.

All of the special dishes are amazing. The restaurant is small and simple but more importantly it is clean, and Oscar will personally encourage you to sample the specials before making a selection. Outstanding!"

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