Ranas Mexico City Cuisine is the prime destination for foodies looking for the best Mexican food in San Diego and it all happens here in the neighborhood of Casa De Oro!

We proudly serve dishes from various regional parts of Mexico as well as unique in-house recipes ranging from vegetarian affairs like our Chile Azteca Plate to our meat lovers Dedos de Cuauhtemoc. We serve spicy dishes like our Entomatado Pork to mild like our Beef Milanesa Plate and our Pollo asado Plate. If you’re a fan of Street Food Style eating we proudly serve Xochimilco style Pambazos and hand crafted Mexico City Huaraches and Quesadillas. We offer other unique dishes like our spicy Mama Dulce Tacos and our hearty Huasteco Alambre and you can’t forget our ever so popular Peanut Butter Chicken.

We serve traditional drinks like Horchata and Jamica, Mexican bottled sodas, hand crafted Margaritas, Micheladas, Wine and finally Pulque.

We serve traditional dishes you can’t find anywhere else in San Diego like Chicken in Pecan Sauce, Shrimp in 4 Cheese and Poblanos Plate, Quesadillas de Flor de Calabaza and Quesadillas de Huitlacoche and our delicious Tri-Color Enchiladas featuring three types of Mole.

Here at Ranas we have great breakfast choices too, come try our Chilaquiles with Carne Asada, Our hearthy Huasteco Omelette, Breakfast Huaraches and enjoy a cup of our fresh Mexican coffee and a glass of orange juice or even a Spicy Bloody Mary!

With over 80 dishes over 40 drink options to choose from there is something for everyone to enjoy.